You can Share an Item Custom Report or you can receive a shared Item Custom Report.

Share an Item Custom Report

Once you have created your perfect Item Custom Report - you might want to share it with some of your colleagues.

This is possible with the Share functionality.

For each of your saved Favorites, you can share them. But only with your colleagues. It is not possible for you to share them with your Suppliers.

The same goes for Suppliers - you can only share with your colleagues and not with your clients.

You simply select the Favorite that you want to share.

Then you click on the "Share Report" button

This will give you a pop-up where you can select who you want to share with.

Here you simply select the colleagues you want and click on "Share"

Receiving a shared report

The colleagues you shared with the new report will show up in their list of favorites.

For the receiver of a shared Item Custom Report, it is just like any other favorite.

They can edit it.

Or delete it if it is of no use for them.

It is important to remember that whatever changes the Receiver is making has no influence on the original Favorite.