Released in May 2022

Basic item custom report

We've added a basic item report under Reports.

Now you can access data regarding your items directly from the platform - and you can update a range of fields directly from the report.

Read more here.

Illustrator plugin improvements

Exciting new features:

  • One single Illustrator file can be linked to multiple styles
  • Option to keep converted files in nearby folder
  • Optimized to work with shared folder files
  • Bug fixes and Improvements

Make sure to get the plugin today.

Smaller improvements

Better search functionality

The Quick search functionality now handles 'keyword search', meaning that it does not matter if you search for "kids sweater" or "sweater kids".

Copy supplier contact

When copying a style and keeping the same supplier, the supplier contact will also be copied.

Item name & description style sample request comments Excel report

We've made it easier to overview what item a sample request comment belongs to.