In this article, we will explain, how you set up content for Instructions in your Care Label Template.

1) You can change the margins for the Instruction content. Simply remove the number and inset a new number. 

The default size of the margins for the content is the same as you have set for your Care Label. 

2) You can decide the placement of the Instruction content. If it must be aligned vertically and horizontally.

3) In the dropdown called 'Languages' you can select the languages that you want the instruction content to be shown as, in your template. 
It is possible to add all languages at one time - and remove a single language after selection. Simply click on the small "x"-icon on the language you want to remove.

The dropdown contains languages that are created for your company on the page Admin > General Settings > Languages. Please read here how to set up languages.

4) In these fields, you can define the style of the Instruction text. 
You can select the font, the color, and the line height and spacing for the Instruction text. 

It is also possible to select if there should be a "tab" space between the language ID and the instruction text. 
And you can make the Instruction content bold, italic, or both. 


5) In the dropdown called 'Select Instruction ID', you must select which Instruction that must be shown in the template. 

You can choose between the Instructions that already are created in your company. 
You can read more about how to add Instructions here.

NB! Be aware that the set-up of the Instruction Content in your Care Label Template depends on how the output for the Instruction text is set.
You define the output for the Instruction on the page Admin > Care Instruction > Output.

You can also read more about the setting here.