In this article, we will explain, how you set up content for Page Number in your Care Label Template.

1) You can change the margins for the Page number content. Simply remove the number and insert a new number. 

The default size of the margins for the content is the same as you have set for your Care Label. 

2) You can decide the placement of the Page number. If it must be aligned vertically and horizontally.

3) In these fields, you can define the style of the Page number text. 
You can select the font, the color, and the line height and spacing for the text.

4) This is the field where you can write the Page number text. Meaning you can define a text that must be shown before the page number will occur.
We use the text 'Page' as default.


5) Here you can decide, how the Page number content must be shown in the template.
If you select the first option "Front 1, Back 1, Front 2", the page number will count page numbers differently for the front and back pages.

If you select the second option "Front 1, Back 2, Front 3", the page number will count every page (both front and back pages) as one document.