Updated Filter functionality

We have updated the the filter functionality for both design users and suppliers alike.

The new features are listed below.

Main tab on Style & Item

We have re-introduced the Main filter tab on both Styles and Items.

This tab will show all Styles or Items.

Show/hide Main and Recent

We have added a user setting that enables user to hide the Recent and Main filter tabs.

Default selected options

We have adjusted what filter options the system will have selected by default when opening the filter pop-up.

For Styles that’s:

  • Inactive Brand Contact Persons
  • Inactive Groups
  • Inactive Suppliers
  • Inactive Seasons
  • Inactive Categories.

For Items, that's 

  • Inactive Brand Contact Persons
  • Inactive Suppliers
  • Inactive Categories

Visual updates

  • We have added a quick reset filter button to clear any active filters
  • We have added a Star icon to create new Favourite filters
  • We have made it more clear when the list of Styles or Items is being filtered on - the Filter button will turn yellow


  • It's now possible to open the filter pop-up by using the keyboard shortcut 'f'
  • To focus the cursor in the Quick Search field use the shortcut 's'