Released in December 2021

Share a Custom Report

Once you have created your perfect Custom Report - you might want to share it with some of your colleagues. 

This is now possible with the new Share functionality.
You can share all your saved favorite Custom Reports with your colleagues. Your colleagues can edit the report and send it back to you, so you can see the changes. In this way, you can easily work together on the same Custom Report.

Please read more about the function here 

Share Analytic Report

As the same functionality of sharing a Custom Report - you can also share a report from Analytics. 

When you have set up the perfect Analytics report you simply share it with your colleagues so they have access to the same setup. Your colleagues can edit the report and send their changes back to you.

You can see here how to share an Analytic Report

New Adobe Illustrator Plugin

In mid of December, we launched an Adobe Illustrator Plugin feature, so you can integrate Illustrator and Delogue PLM.

You can see the Illustrator Plugin as a free trial till' 31 March. If you want to continue using the Adobe Illustrator login, your Company must have our Professional license.

How to start Illustrator Plugin