Released in November 2021

A new way of filtering data on Admin > Brands

We have improved the way Company Admin users can manage the view for Brands. 

By this, it is easier for you to search and filter the view of all your Brands and you can better find prices of information about a specific brand.

If you have more than one brand created in your Design Company - this feature is a must-have! 

You can read more about how to filter on the Admin > Brands page here: Setup brands

A new way of filtering data on Admin > Comment Fields

If you have created more than one Comment Field it is possible for you to filter the list of the comment fields - and get a better overview of them.
It's a great opportunity to get the exact information about a Comment Field, without spending to much time on finding the specific comment field on your list. 

You can read more here about how to filter your Comment Fields: Setup comment sections (optional)

Select Main items on Style Item List

It is possible for Design users to know which item is the main item on any given Style.
This information is handy to be able to share with ERP. 

If the Company Admin has activated the issue, users can go to any style's item list and select the main item by a dropdown. The dropdown will be visible next to the view buttons.

You can read more about the feature here: Mark an Item as the Main Item for your Style

Share Custom Report and Analytics favorites

As a user, you can now share one of your Custom Report favorites with your colleagues within the same Design Company in Delogue PLM.
When you share a report, the receiver will get a copy of the report - and they can make changes on their own. The changes will only be stored in the copy. Meaning that your colleague must re-copy the copy to you if you need the colleague's changes. 

Please note that Designer users will only be able to share the report with other designer users - and will not be able to share with supplier users.

You can read more about how to share Custom Reports

As a Designer user, you can also share your favorite Analytics report with other Designer users.
It is a must-have functionality for Design Companies that have multiple users working in Analytics. In this way, the users won't build the same analytics tables.  
Please note that your Design Company must have the BI Module for getting access to this feature.

You can read more about sharing Analytics