Released in October 2021

Improved way of selecting data for Custom Report

We have improved the way you select data for your Custom Report, which also improves the performance when you are working with your Custom Reports.

It is possible for you to filter on master data and all active Allowed values Custom Fields and Hierarchy Custom Fields.

This new set-up also improves the performance of the Custom Reports, this will generate a report faster than before - and it is much easier for you to filter and get the correct data. 

Learn how to set up a Custom Report

Define the number of decimals in Care Instruction Output

We have extended the option for the Care Instruction output for Composition used in Custom Report.

You can now decide how many decimals you want - if any - in your Custom Report.

Learn to use Care Instruction Output

Include Item Custom Fields in your Custom Export

The Custom Export has been improved and Item Custom Fields can now also be exported.

When you set up your Custom Export - you can see and use the Item Custom Fields once you have selected Items for your Export.

Learn to set up your Custom Export

Decide which newsletters you want from Delogue PLM

In your Personal Settings for Delogue PLM, you can decide what kind of information you get from Delogue PLM.

You have full control of e-mail notifications you would like us to send to you - by simply selecting the ones that are important for you.

Learn about Personal Settings

Delete Sample types 

It now is possible to delete a Sample Type that has never been used.
Simply mouseover on the Sample Type you want to delete and click on the Delete-icon. 

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Lock your Style Prices

As a Company Admin-user, you can lock your Style Prices after you have approved the prices for a given style.
Preventing your Suppliers from edit the Style prices. 

You can prevent this by making a setting in Admin->Prices->Settings.

Once you have locked prices on a style, your supplier is only allowed to view the prices.

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