Video Guide: 

Install plugin

In Adobe Creative Cloud you will find the plugin “Delogue PLM Design Studio”. 

Click install

The plugin will appear in Illustrator under Window -> Extensions -> Delogue PLM

User Manual

Here are the details of the functions and features provided by Delogue PLM’s Adobe Illustrator plugin.

Login to Delogue PLM account  

Users can log in to their Delogue PLM from the illustrator plugin by providing a domain (example:, username, and password.

If the user account is connected to more than one company, a list of companies will be displayed to the user to choose from.

Choose or create a new style

Users can select a style from the Delogue platform to upload the image file. A search option is also available.

Create a new style

Creating a new style from the plugin is also possible. Move the mouse over + on the right bottom side and click on +Add Style.

Then the user can select a brand, season, and supplier and give the style name, and number for creating the new style in Delogue PLM. 

File upload to Delogue PLM

Once selecting a style or creating a style is selected, the user will move to the file upload screen. Here user can do the following features:

  • SELECT ARTBOARD FOR STYLE HEADER IMAGE: Any artboard (of a .ai file) can be chosen to become the logo of the style header. 

  • UPLOAD ENTIRE ILLUSTRATOR FILE TO STYLE FILES: The whole file can be uploaded to the styles in different file formats: ai, pdf, jpg and png.

  • SELECT ARTBOARDS FOR STYLE FILES: Individual artboards can be selected to upload to styles, in different file formats too.

  • COLORWAY MENU ☰ : Associated colorway can be selected with the file uploading from ☰ menu.

  • Once the user clicks the Upload button, the files will be generated and uploaded to Delogue PLM as per user selections. Each uploaded file will be connected with the style internally for later easy access.

Style file linking

While uploading each file to styles in Delogue PLM, each file will be linked with the corresponding style.
That means if you download and open any of those files, instead of the style list, the linked style will be displayed. 

It will help the user to keep track of which style is connected. Also if the user selects the linked style and uploads the file again, that file will be updated in the Delogue PLM without creating any copy in the platform.

The selected artboards and colorways will also be remembered in linked .ai files. 
The User can remove the linking by clicking on ‘Delink style’ button.

Even though the file is linked, the user can search for other styles and upload to those. Then the linking of the file will be updated to that style.

The users can have multiple styles linked to a file.

Logging out

The user can log out from Delogue PLM’s account inside the illustrator plugin.
Until then the user is kept logged in.


1. 1001 error message on Creative Cloud. Couldn’t install the plugin.

This might be due to multiple logins into the Adobe account. Make sure that both Adobe exchange and Creative Cloud have the same user accounts. Try to log in to the Creative Cloud app and in browser with the same Adobe account(check the email address of both).

2. The name of an Artboard must not contain "."

If your Artboard has a dot in its name, it is impossible to upload it into Delogue PLM, and we can't guarantee that you can make a preview. 
We strongly advise you not to write your Artboard's name with a dot. 

3. Filename of AI files should not contain special characters

Your AI filename should not contain special characters like:

“-”, “#”, “_”, “[]”, “()” etc.

4. Filename of AI files should not contain more than one "."

Your AI file name should not contain more than one "."

You should not name your file like

That will not work.

5. Illustrator Plugin generates tmp. folder and files on your computer

When you are working with Illustrator Plugin to Delogue PLM, your computer will automatically generate a .TMP Folder called "Delogue .TMP". The folder will contain several .tmp files for each style, you are working on in Illustrator.
Once you have uploaded the style, the .tmp files will be deleted again.