Released in August 2021:

Communication: Drag and drop files

Just like we have it in styles files and sample comments, we have added the option in communication to drag and drop files.

By this you can easily upload multiple files to a message at the same time.

Learn more about drag and drop

Measurement chart: Import single line + add/replace

We have extended the import functionality in Measurement chart. It is now possible to select certain lines and import them. By this you can quick get a part of a measurement copied from style to another.

We have also added the "add or replace"-option already known from Item list. By selecting "Add" your import will be added to existing measurement. By selecting "Replace" your import will overwrite the current measurement chart.

Learn more about Import measurement chart 

Thumbnail print: New grouping options

By request from many of our users, we have added new options for grouping in the thumbnail print:

  • Style category
  • Supplier
  • Allowed custom fields
  • Hierarchy custom fields

Learn more about Thumbnail print 

If you have a Professional license, then you will be able to customize the layout of the Thumbnail print

Sample request: Archive samples

For some our customers making a lot of sample requests per style (for example NOOS or repeat styles), it is handy to be able to clean up previous commented samples.

Therefore we added the option to Archive Commented and Cancelled sample requests.

By default Archived sample requests are hidden, but we added a "Show/Hide button", where you can easily find the archived sample requests.

Learn more about Archiving sample requests 

Item list: Import single line

We have extended the import functionality in Item list. It is now possible to select certain lines and import them. By this you can quick get a part of an item list copied from style to another.

Learn more about Import item list

Item list + prices: Show / hide inactive

We have added a show/hide option at the Item list and Price. By this you can hide inactive colors in the item list. And in prices you can hide inactive colors/sizes, if price differ per color and/or size.

Prices: New UI for Price color/size and Future Price

We have cleaned up the UI and moved the option to differ price per color and or size.

If you are using future price, then placement of this has also been moved.

Learn more about price per color / size

Learn more about future price

Note! Future price requires Professional license

Barcode: Possible to edit inactive barcodes

In some cases, it is handy to be able to have edit inactive barcodes.

Therefore we made this option available.

Learn more about editing Barcodes

Usability: Remember settings on user level

We have added functionality that will remember your preferred settings for styles.

This will apply to:

  • Workflow:
    • Show hide / done tasks
    • Show only my tasks / show all tasks
  • Communication:
    • Filter messages
    • Filter sample comments
    • Filter log
    • Filter price log
  • Sample request:
    • Show hide archived sample requests 
  • Item list:
    • Show thumbnail view / show list view
    • Show hide inactive color
    • Column width
  • Measurement chart:
    • Show / hide tags
    • Show / hide gradings
    • Show / hide inactive sizes
  • Barcodes:
    • Show / hide inactive SKU
  • Copy style
    • Last used check boxes