Released in July 2021:

Style / Item filter: Draft messages

New option named Draft messages is added under the Messages filter option. 

If you filter the style or item list with only draft messages filter then, styles/items with draft messages are displayed.

If you select draft messages filter option with no messages filter option then, styles/items with unread

messages and draft messages are displayed. 

If you select no messages filter then also, same result is displayed.

This filter option can also be used for thumbnail view. If the filter is applied in thumbnail view and user prints the styles then, same filter gets applied.

Supplier user can also use the draft messages filter option.

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Sample request report: Extra fields to appear in report

Group and sample request note columns are added to sample request report. 

You can select these fields on second page of the wizard. 

If you select these fields then they appear in report. For existing reports these fields are unchecked.

If the columns are added in report then, they also get exported in excel file.

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Integration: FTP option available in Custom Export

We have added FTP as an option in the Custom Export.

Learn more in our documentation 

Custom Report: Export of Barcodes will no longer include inactive SKU's

We have a change in the export for styles from Custom Report, so Inactive SKU's no longer are included.

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