With access to the Extension module, your company can display certain other websites inside Delogue that you need in your daily work.

It is important to stress that the website you try to embed can NOT have the X-Frame-Option set to "same-origin" - then it will not work and it will not be displayed inside Delogue PLM

Go to Admin -> General Settings -> Extensions

Here you click on "Add link"

In the new row that appears you add a name for your Extension.

And you add a URL for the extension.

You can decide if the Extension should be Internal or not - if it is Internal your Suppliers can not see this specific extension.

By default a new Extension is active.

It is also possible to upload an icon for this extension.

Any icon has to be either:

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .svg

The size of the icon is optimized to icon size of 45px * 45px. If you use any other size than that - your icon will not look correct.

You can add as many extensions as your company needs. 

If you need to remove an Extension - just mouse-over on the Extension and click on the tiny Delete icon - you will be asked to confirm the delete operation.

For the very first Extension your company adds - users will have to logout and then login again to see it.

For use of Extensions - read here: Use Extensions