With the Custom Export, you can set up all the web services exports your company needs in one place. This will make any integration to Delogue PLM easier for you and your users.

In Delogue PLM, we have a Custom Export feature that allows the administrators with an IMPORT/EXPORT-role to set up multiple exports.  This way, it is possible to send different parts of the data set to various integrations partners, such as, e.g., ERP, PIM, webshop providers. Our web services are REST APIs, and the data format is JSON. For each custom export setup, the, e.g., ERP provider needs an API key to call our web services. The API key is unique per Custom Export, so the programmers calling our web service can only access the data the administrator has specified in the Custom Export Setup. 

The, e.g., ERP provider can call a Delogue PLM web service with a style number, and it will return the style data in JSON format for the style(s) with this style number. 

There is also a button in the style UI where a user with the integration role can click if they want to send the style number to a webhook (e.g., ERP partner provides this). When the integration user has clicked the "PUSH STYLE DATA"-button, the style number is sent to the webhook, and they use the style number to call the web service mentioned above and get the style data, and import it to the ERP system. 

The last option is a web service that takes a timestamp as input and returns a list of style numbers changed in Delogue PLM since that time. It is then possible to call our web service with the style number to get the style data.

To setup the Custom Exports in Admin you need Company Admin and Import/Export roles.

To use the Custom Export on Style level you need the Integrator role

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