Your Company Admin needs to have the Import/Export role in order to be able to see the Import/Export section.


In the Admin -> Import/Export section you can set up your Custom Export.

You find the setup under the sub-tab "Custom Export"

Once you click on the "Add Custom Export" button you will get a new row.

Here you have to name your Custom Export and you need to decide if it should be active or not.

The ID will be automatically generated by the system

Click on the small save button.

And you will now have a screen like this:

Now it is time to set up the Webservice credentials:

If you click on the "Setup" button you will get the setup window - where you will need to give the credentials for your service URL.

How to use the Webservice credentials and the API key - please refer to the Import & Export data guide

Now it is time to decide which fields you want in your output.

Simply click on the "Show more"

You will see all the different sections.

For each section, there are different data options you can select or de-select so that your Custom Export becomes just right.

You can choose options from these sections:

  • Basic Style data
  • Style Files
  • Item list
  • Measurement chart
  • SKU / Barcodes
  • Custom Fields
  • Prices
  • Care Instructions Output
Read about how you set up Care Instructions Output here

Once you have clicked on save - your Custom Export is ready to be used on the Style level.

How to use the Custom Export on Style level - read here


You can always edit your Custom Export - just click on the Edit icon and the entire setting for the specific Custom Export will be in edit mode.

In the same way, you can Delete any of your Custom Exports.

You click on the Delete icon and confirm that you do want to delete the Custom Export.


If you already have set up a Custom Export and you need a new one that is almost similar you can use the Copy functionality. Just click on the copy icon.

You will now get a new row with the same name but added "_copy" and this new Custom Export will have the exact same settings as the one you copied from.

Your copy will default not be active - so remember to set it to active once you have made the needed changes.