With Custom Terms it is possible for a Company to setup their own terms - that they need both the employees and suppliers to accept - before they can use the company's data in Delogue PLM.


Once a Company has access to the module for Custom Terms it will be possible for a Company Admin to upload the Terms.

In Admin - Company Info under the sub-tab Custom Terms - the Company Admin will the first time he visits not see any terms or any logs.

Once he mouseover the area and clicks on the tiny pen icon he can start setting up the Terms for his company

Admin has to name the Terms.

Then he can upload a PDF-fil - it is important to notice that only PDF-files will be accepted.

Admin clicks on the "Upload Terms" button and selects the file needed.

He clicks on the save button and can now see the name, the last updated time, and the name of his Terms file.


  • ALL USERS will be forced logged out when Terms are updated (this includes the Company Admin updating the terms)
  • ALL USERS will have to re-accept the terms when Terms are updated
  • When Terms have updated all logs of who had accepted the terms will be cleared


It is also possible for him to see a log over when the Company Terms was updated - simply click on the link in Last updated

This will display a pop-up with a list of when terms were updated - it is important to notice that it is NOT possible to view any old versions.


The Company Admin can also keep an eye on who has accepted the terms - this is done in Log of Terms acceptance.

Here it will be logged when any given user has accepted the terms.

The user's Username, Email, and which Company he belongs to will be in the log.

Whenever Terms have been updated - this log will be cleared!


Now it is time for all the Users to accept the Terms LINK