Once you have made all the needed settings in Admin here & here

You can start working with the Supplier Facilities on styles.

For each style it will be possible to define which Supplier Facilities is involved in the process of making the style.

At the Supplier name, there is now a "counter" and a link.

If you click on the link you will get a pop-up where you can pinpoint which Facility type is done at which Facility for this specific Supplier.

Please notice that if any given Supplier does not have all Facility Types - these will not be selectable

Now you can select a Facility for each available Facility Type. It is important to notice that you do not have to select a value for Facility types.

Once you have selected the correct Facilities - click on save.

Now you will notice that the "counter" at the Supplier name is updated - it will show the number of unique Facilities.

It is important to notice that your Supplier can also see this info and he can edit it needed.