Once you have set up the Facility Types for your company you can now start to create Facilities for all your Suppliers.

Go to Admin-Suppliers and select the Supplier you need to add facilities for.

Here you click on the Facility sub-tab

To add a new Facility to this Supplier click on the "Add Facility" button - and you will get a new line where you can add the Facility.

A Facility can consist of:

  • ID
  • Name - you have to name it
  • Address
  • Zip code / City
  • Country
  • Facility type - you have to select at least one Facility type
  • Status

You can add as many Facility types to each facility as you need.

You can always remove a Facility type from your facility - just click on "remove" icon - remember that you have to be in edit mode to do so.

You can create as many Facilities per Supplier as needed.


The last thing you need to do - is to make Supplier Facilities visible on your styles

You need to go to Admin - General Settings the Header sub-tab

Here you need to set a check-mark in the "Show Supplier Facilities" check-box.

You are now ready to use the facilities on the style level