Supplier facilities can be used to handle multiple locations at a supplier. 

So for example a supplier has a factory at one address, but a washing facility at another address – it will be possible to add this layer below the supplier.

The information on the Style level can either be filled in by the design company or by the supplier itself.


Once you have set up the Facility Types for your company you can now start to create Facilities for all your Suppliers.

Go to Admin-Suppliers and select the Supplier you need to add facilities for.

Here you click on the Facility sub-tab

To add a new Facility to this Supplier click on the "Add Facility" button - and you will get a new line where you can add the Facility.

A Facility can consist of:

  • ID
  • Name - you have to name it
  • Address
  • Zip code / City
  • Country
  • Facility type - you have to select at least one Facility type
  • Status

You can add as many Facility types to each facility as you need.

You can always remove a Facility type from your facility - just click on "remove" icon - remember that you have to be in edit mode to do so.

You can create as many Facilities per Supplier as needed.


The last thing you need to do - is to make Supplier Facilities visible on your styles

You need to go to Admin - General Settings the Header sub-tab

Here you need to set a check-mark in the "Show Supplier Facilities" check-box.

You are now ready to use the facilities on the style level