You want an easy way to get "nice" retail prices at different price points?

There is a Ninja trick for that in Delogue PLM: Use the PRO-feature Advanced Default Values.

Start out with setting up a Style Custom field that defines the different Price Points.

Use the Custom Field of type Allowed Values - type in as allowed values - all the price points you need.

In Prices - set up Retail Prices in all the currencies you need to work with.

You also need to set up Price Templates.

Use the Advanced Default values - here you create one for Price Points.

It takes all the available Price Point Custom Fields allowed values you already set up.

Then you can type in all the values for the Retail Prices in the different currencies you use.

Now it is time to use these on a style:

First, make sure that you have set a Price Point in your Custom Field.

Then you go to Style Prices.

Here you simply click on Update Default Values and the system will calculate the nice-looking retail prices for you.