When using the Style Name Generator you can set up the standard from which all your Style names should be created.

In Admin / General Settings / Header section you can set up this standard.

Simply click on the "Setup Style Name" button

This will open a pop-up where you can activate the Style Name generator - it will only be active once you set a check-mark in "Set style name logic active"

Once you have activated the Style Name Generator feature you can start to build the structure for your Style Name

In the "Insert Value" drop-down you can select the values you want to be the structure for your Style Name.

They will appear in the text box below.

In the text box, you can also add additional text or characters - if you need them.

In this example, any style will be named as:

  • Project name
  • Group name
  • value of the Custom Field "Origin"
  • between each value, there will be a "-"

Remember to read: 

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