When creating your care instructions in Delogue PLM, you must upload an icon that represents the instruction for washing, drying, etc. 

On this page, you can download a zip file containing all available icons from Ginetex. You can pick among these and create the icons in your Delogue PLM environment that suits you. 

The textile care label icons are – in various combinations – a registered trademark of GINETEX/COFREET in many countries including Denmark. Use of the icons requires pre-approval by GINETEX or an appointed national committee. Use of the icons might require payment in some countries. Contact GINETEX at www.ginetex.net or a national committee at https://www.ginetex.net/GB/ginetex/our-national-members.asp”. 

Delogue PLM is not responsible for the icons, the use of the icons, and Delogue PLM CANNOT be held responsible for any missing payment or compensation to GINETEX/COFREET now or in the future.

By downloading these icons you accept these terms

Below you can download icons (.svg) in a zip package.