Once you have designed your Care Instructions it is time to define how you want your output to look.

The output will be accessible in Custom Report and Custom Export


Go to Admin - Care Instructions - Output.

Here just click on "Add Output" to add new output.

You will get a pop-up where you can select what type of output you want to add.

Just click on the type you need.

It will be possible for you to create as many outputs as you need.


When you create a new output you must give it a name.

The ID is optional - but we recommend that you use the ID too - especially if you need it for any kind of integration.

For each type you have different options you can build your output from.

You build your output by dragging the options into the Sequence box.

You can rearrange the options inside the Sequence box.

If you need to remove an option you simply drag it outside of the Sequence box.

In the same way, you can set up what your separator should consist of.

And the same goes for the "Ends with" - this defines what your sequence should end with.


Icons have this set of options:

  • Icon ID
  • Icon Text
  • Enter
  • Space
  • Text


The Composition output is slightly different than the others because it has an extra level of options.

The User can drag the option "Materials" into the Sequence box.

Once he does that an extra sequence box will appear - this section has its own set of options. These work the exact same way as any other options.

Composition options:

  • Layer ID
  • Layer name
  • Materials
  • Enter
  • Space
  • Text

Then there are the Materials options:

  • Value
  • Material ID
  • Material Name
  • Enter
  • Space
  • Text

As an extra setting, the User can decide which sorting is needed in the output:

  • Layers and then materials sorted by highest percentage
  • Layers and then materials ordered as added on style


Instructions have these options that the output can be build of:

  • Instruction ID
  • Instruction Text
  • Enter
  • Space
  • Text


You decide which of your Outputs you want to be able to export via the Custom Report.

On any of the pop-ups where you define the Output - you get the option the set to be used in Custom Report.

Just set the check-mark and that particular Output will be in your Custom Report once you make an export.

Please notice the extra setting for Composition outputs - for deciding the number of decimals

For the Composition output, there is one extra setting once you have selected to use a given output in your Custom Report.

Then you can also decide how many decimals you want. You can choose between none, 1 or 2.  


You can at any point edit your Output - just click on the tiny Edit icon and the specific pop-up you used when creating the output will be visible again, and you can make the adjustments needed.

The same goes for deleting an Output.

Just click on the Delete icon and confirm that you really do want to delete the Output in question.