The Advanced Custom Fields is an extra feature on your Custom Fields.

It allows you to limit when any of your Custom Fields should appear - depending on Brand, group, or category. This will be a great help if you work with different product types and need different Custom Fields for each type.

It can only be set up for Style Custom Fields.

When you create a new Custom Fields or edit an already existing one - you can decide which:

  • Brand
  • Group
  • Category

you want the Custom field to be shown for.

For each option, you can select multiple values.

You can remove your options again - if needed. Just click on the small "x" next to the name.

If you only set a limitation on Brands - the Custom Field will be visible for all the Brands you have selected.

If you also set a limitation on groups - then the Custom Field will be visible for the Brands that also have the group you have selected.

The same goes for Categories.

You can set limitations on any combination you need.

Once saved - the Custom Fields will only be visible on those styles that meet the criteria you have selected.