Dear ……..

To improve our communication and style overviews for both parties, we have invested in a new PLM platform called DeloguePLM, where we share all information with you.

More than 100 lifestyle companies use the platform together with +6.000 suppliers. It is cloud-based and you will be invited by us to join our standard collaborative environment.

Improved data sharing and communication

Delogue PLM is excellent for all communication and will help you and us to keep track of all details, approvals, and dialogue for an easy workflow. This means no emails to keep track of in the future.

You will be able to download style specifications and files whenever needed.

As Delogue PLM supports the upload of large files, we can now finally get rid of WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.

All communication has to go through Delogue PLM, this helps you and us to keep better track of all details, and makes our collaboration much easier.

Note that when you receive a notification link in your mail you click on it and are directed to the question applicable.

Start of using Delogue PLM 

We are now ready to invite you into the system for the new XX collection, therefore you will soon receive an email with login information, please use your personal password that you can remember.

Once entered and password saved, you can access the platform any time by entering in the browser. 

Please reach out to xxx (insert your company contact and name), if you need more employees to access the platform, send name, function, and e-mail and they will be invited to access the platform.


Next step

- You have or will soon receive a mail with a link to get your login. When you are logged in you will find all the styles designated to you.

- Please use the link to access all relevant supplier training material:

Any technical questions regarding Delogue PLM, pls. contact and they will get back to you ASAP.


We hope you will be just as pleased as we are to have all our collaboration details and data collected in one space. It takes you approx. 1 hour to learn how to become a superuser on the platform.

We look forward to starting using Delogue PLM together with you as a trusted supplier.

Best regards,