We have made this little guide to follow before you start inviting suppliers.

1) Create supplier companies

This can be done at any time.

Just don't add any supplier users yet. That we will come in step 5.

Here you will find the guide of how to add suppliers.

If you want to add currencies and terms to the suppliers, then make sure that this is created before adding the suppliers. Note! You can add currency and terms to the supplier whenever you want.

2) Send out intro message to the supplier

Before inviting supplier user to Delogue PLM, we recommend that you send them an email upfront.

In this email you can explain why you have chosen Delogue PLM and how the supplier can benefit from using it.

We have made an email template that you can find here

3) Finalize the first style specification for the supplier

Once you are ready with the first style to the supplier, you can set the style to published.

Here you will find a guide of how to publish a style. 

4) Create a sample request for the supplier

Then you are ready to create the first sample request to the supplier.

Here you will find a guide of how to create a sample request.

5) Invite supplier users

Finally! You are now ready to invite in the supplier users and give them access Delogue PLM.

Supplier users will ONLY see published styles and items, where they are the supplier and the brands they have acess to.

Here you will find the guide of how to invite supplier users. 

After the supplier has activated the login:

6) Add supplier contact at styles / items

You can now add the supplier user as contact person of the style / item in the header.

7) Check up with the supplier

Setup an online call and make sure that the supplier has understood how to use Delogue PLM.

Does supplier know how to:

  • find a style?
  • send and reply a message?
  • add prices?
  • change and update sample request?

Here you will find the guide that is available for the suppliers.


Q: The supplier user does not get the invite email

A: Check the spam filter.

If still possible to find the invite email, then contact support@delogue.com (remember to mention which supplier name and supplier email you refer to).

Q: The supplier user cannot activate login

A: In most cases, they supplier user already activated the login.

Try to reset password. Here you will find the guide.

Q: The supplier user cannot remember the password.

All users can reset their own password. Here you will find the guide.