Once you have set up all your Care Instructions in Admin - the Care Instructions can now be set up on your Styles.

Make sure that the Users that have to work with Care Instructions all have the Care Instruction role; only users with this role will be able to see the Care Instruction subtab.

Go to the "Care Instructions" subtab and start setting up Care Instructions for a style.

You will have to set the Care Instructions subtab into Edit mode - simply click on the tiny pen icon to do so.


Start by adding the icons you need for your style.

Click on the "Add icon" button and select the Icon(s) you need - you just set a checkmark of the ones you need.

Then click on the "OK" button.

Now your Icons have been added. They will appear in the order they are set up in Admin.

If you need to add more Icons - just click on the "Add icon" button once more and select the extra icons you need.

You can at any time remove an Icon from your Style - just click on the tiny red Delete button.


You can add as many layers as you need for your Style.

Just select the correct layer in the dropdown - once you have selected a layer a new empty option appears. 

An empty option will NOT be saved once you click on Save.

The dropdowns have the Layers listed in the same order as they are setup in Admin.

In case you don't need a Layer it can be delete - just click on the tiny red Delete button.

If you have already added Materials to the Layer you're deleting - these will also be removed together with the Layer.


Under each Layer, you can select the correct Materials the Layer is made out of.

There are two fields for your Material:

  • One for the percentage of the Material - this can be between 0 and 100
    • The sum should be 100 all in all.
    • The numbers will display in red as long as the sum is not 100
    • The Care Instruction can be saved even if the sum does not reach 100
  • One for the name of the Material
    • Materials will be selected from the drop-down

If you selected the wrong Material - just select the correct one from the drop-down.

Your percentage is not 100 yet - values are shown in red:

Your percentage is 100 - values are shown in black:

Add Weight and Unit

For each Layer, you can add the Weight and select the correct Unit - you find the field for this just below the Materials


Text instructions can be added by clicking on the "Add Instructions"

Here you can select the needed tet instructions by setting checkmarks next to them in the list displayed in the pop-up.

Just click on "OK" and they will be added to the style.

To delete an Instruction from your style just click on the tiny red delete button.

Confirm the removal and that instruction text will be deleted from your Style.


Once you have set up subtabs and maybe even exceptions in Admin - you can start using them on the Style level.

Each sub-tab can hold information about Icons, Layers, Materials & Weight and Instructions


You can at any time add one or more subtabs on a style.

Simply click on the tiny "+" icon.

This will give you a drop-down where you can select a pre-defined name for the drop-down (you can only select between the active subtabs that are set up in Admin)

Click on "OK" and your subtab will appear.

Your new subtab will not hold any data - you just edit it and add the needed icons, layers, materials, and instructions.


Instead of just creating a new subtab you might want to take a copy of a subtab that already holds data.

Just mouse-over on the subtab you want to copy.

Click on the Copy icon

This will give you a drop-down where you can select the new name of the copied subtab - you can only select between the names defined in Admin.

You click on "OK" and your new copied subtab will be ready for you - with all the data - you can now start to modify it so you get the correct data.


You can at any time delete a subtab again.

Just keep in mind that you can not delete the last subtab - there always has to be one left.

If you want to delete a subtab just mouse-over it and click on the Delete icon - you will be asked to confirm the delete operation.


For each subtab, it is possible to select an exception - if you want to indicate what the subtab applies to. It is optional to add an exception.

When your subtab is in Edit mode you can click on the Exception drop-down and select one of the active exceptions.

Once you click on save it saves your entire subtab and the exception is saved too.

You can at any time change the exception to something else from the drop-down.

And if you don't need an exception anymore you select the "Select" option in the drop-down and save again.


When the setting has been made in Admin you can now use it on Style Level.

You will have the "Per Color button.

When you click on that - you will get a pop-up - where you can set which sub-tab and thereby which Care Instructions are for which colors.

The sub-tabs marked with a * have an exception - you can see the name of the exception by doing a mouse over the name

You simply mark the sub-tab that has the correct Care Instructions for any given color.

The setting is saved as soon as you set the check-mark (or removed it).