You can edit end filter your Custom Report.

You can change which columns you want in your Custom Report.

You can reorder the columns and you can add a filter and sort to your columns.



After you have created a Custom Report you only have the absolutely basic data - but most likely you will want to have more data - now you need to add extra columns to your Custom Report.

On the right side, you will find the Column picker - click on it to expand - here you will find all available columns you can add to your Custom Report:

The available columns are divided into sections:

  • Style Data
  • Custom Fields
  • Prices (you will need the price role to be able to see these)
  • Facilities
  • Sample Requests

Now you build the report you need - with the columns you need.

For Suppliers - you can only select data columns you are allowed to see.


For most columns in your Custom Report, you can apply a filter.

There are different types of filters depending on what kind of column it is.

We will not go into detail with all of them. The best you can do is try it out and find the filter type that works the best for you.

Filter between given names or numbers (used on Style name or Style Number):

Simple filter - type part of a name or the entire name:

Filter on numeric columns - such as Prices or Numeric Custom Fields:


In the Custom Report you can:

  • Set your Freeze pane by using the "Pin Column" option

  • Move a column to a new position - simply drag and drop a column into the new position

  • Resize a column

Next step: Update Data in your Custom Report