You can edit end filter your Custom Report.


You can set your entire report into edit mode by clicking on the "Edit Report" button.

Or simply double click on the specific field you want to edit

You can now edit all fields that have the dark text.

A value will be saved when you:

  • Use the TAB key - this will save the value and take you to the next editable field
  • Use ARROW UP/DOWN key to go to the field just above/below - this will save the value and take you to the next editable field
  • Use CTRL+ENTER keys - this will save the value
  • Click on "View Report" button - this will save the value

If you have edited something in a field and do not want to save - click the ESC key.


When you are in edit mode in your Custom Report - you will notice that there are certain fields that appear in a light grey text.

These fields can NOT be edited.

It is important to notice that if you have price fields in your report and these prices are differentiated per Color or per Size - these prices can NOT be edited.


For most columns in your Custom Report, you can apply a filter.

There are different types of filters depending on what kind of column it is.

We will not go into detail with all of them. The best you can do is try it out and find the filter type that works the best for you.

Filter between given names or numbers (used on Style name or Style Number):

Simple filter - type part of a name or the entire name:

Filter on numeric columns - such as Prices or Numeric Custom Fields:


In the Custom Report you can:

  • Set Freeze pane by using the "Pin Column" option

  • Move a column to a new position - simply drag and drop a column into the new position

  • Resize a column

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