When you have access to Ecommerce you also get access to the feature of Color Groups - so that you can organize all you colors into specific color groups.

Setup Color Groups in Admin

In Admin-Colors there will be an extra sub-tab - called Color groups.

Here you or the Color Admin can create the Color Groups you need.

Color group will normally be the main group of colors - like Blue, Red and so on.

When you click on on "Add color group" button you will get a new row in the table and you can create a Color Group, give it a name, ID (if that is needed for your ERP) and set it to active or inactive.

Assign Colors to Color Groups

Still in Admin-Colors but on the Colors sub-tab - it is now possible to assign every single color to a Color Group.

Simply click on the Edit icon and select the needed Color Group from the drop-down.

If you needed it - a color can be assigned to more than one Color Group.

Remove Colors from a Color Group

You can at all times remove a given color from a Color Group.

Simple click on the Edit icon.

Then click on the tiny "x" next to the Color Group you want to remove your color from

Delete a Color Group

In case you want to delete a Color Group - this can be done.

But if the Color Group in question has any colors assigned to it - you will be prompted to transfer these colors to a different Color Group.

Only when colors are transferred will the Color Group be deleted.


You will ONLY see your Color Group in Admin - it will not be displayed anywhere on your styles or items.

It will be exported with you XML or webservice.

And you can export them as an option in your Custom Report.