1. Manual mark messages as read

You will have to click on message and sample icons in order for them to disappear in your style list

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/a/solutions/articles/9000128535 


2. Two factor authentication (Add-on)

You can now enhance your security of designerusers by enabling two-factor authentication

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/a/solutions/articles/9000173813

3. Bulk update sample requests (Pro-license)

Now you can change status of multiple sample requests at the same time

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/a/solutions/articles/9000175928


4. Thumbnail prints (Pro-license)

Create visual overviews of your collection. We support different formats and possibility to select which info to be shown.

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/support/solutions/folders/9000190170


5. New colorway print (Pro-license)

Create a style presentation with colorway images to be printed out

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/support/solutions/folders/9000185614

6. Setup notification rules for sample requests (Dashboard)

When working with sample requests in Dashboard you can now setup when suppliers should be notified.

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/support/solutions/articles/9000006573-define-sample-types

7. Bulk import packshots / style sketches (Pro-license)

You can import your stylepictures for the entire collection with a few clicks

Read more here: http://help.delogue.com/support/solutions/articles/9000173800-import-style-header-picture