In order for you to use the Colorway Print you need to set up what data fields you want in your print.

You go to Admin-General Settings - Print Option - sub section thumbnail print.

To add a new print simply click on the "Add print" button

You will be presented a pop-up where you can select Colorway Print

This will give you the setup possibility for Colorway print - where you can select input from 8 different data fields - just use the drop-downs.

These data fields can be either some of the master fields, or it can be your Style Custom Fields or your Price fields.

You select these data fields in the order you want them to appear in the print.

Remember to name you print.

Once you are satisfied with the setup click on the green Save button.

You can create as many Colorway prints you need.

If you need them to appear in a specific order on the print pop-up - just reorder them

In case you need to check what data field a given Colorway print contains simply click on the "Show more" button - this will expand the data fields.

You can always edit an already saved Colorway print setup - just mouse hover over the print in question and click on the Edit button.

Read HERE about the Colorway Print itself and how you print.