In this General setting section, you can set up if you need an extra field in your Style Header and if you want to see both the Supplier ID and the Supplier Name in the Supplier field in the Style Header or if you want to use the Main Item functionality

An extra field in the Style header

In this general setting, it is possible for you to set if you want an extra field in the Style Header. A field you might need for some extra information that you always want to see in the Style Header.

In the drop-down, you can select between all your active Custom Fields.

Please notice that if you use Advanced Custom Fields - then those that are differentiated can NOT be used here.

It will be saved once you have selected the Custom Field.

Next time you go to a Style you will now see this extra field in the Style header.

In the Style Header values can be selected when the Style Header is in edit mode.

Concatenate Supplier ID and Supplier name in Style Header

It is also possible for you to set up that you want Supplier ID and Supplier Name to be concatenated in the Style Header field named Supplier.

Simply set a check-mark.

Use the Main Item feature

If your company needs to use the Main Item functionality - this is the place where you activate it.

You simply set a checkmark in the "Show 'Main Item' in the Style Item List" checkbox.

Once you have done that - you can mark your Style Items as "Main".

Please read here how you use the Main Item on Style level