With this special feature where your Company Admin will be able to bulk upload Style header pictures to multiple styles in one operation.


First of all, make sure your Company has access to the Import Module and that your Company Admin also has the Export/Import Role.

Make sure you use Style Numbers - the styles you want to bulk upload style header images to must have Style Numbers - because it is the uploading file name and the style number that will be compared.

The files you bulk import must have their filename match the styles you want to import into. If they don't - nothing will be imported.

Once you have this module your Company Admin will have access to the Import Style Header Image area in Admin-General Settings - Header.

When Admin clicks on the "Import Style Header Image" button a standard upload dialog box will open.

Here Admin selects the files he wants to bulk upload - use the multi-select method you normally use.

On the upload dialog box - Admin clicks OK

This will display an extra info pop-up before the import happens - so that Admin can make sure it is indeed the correct files he is importing.

Admin clicks on "OK" and the import starts.

Depending on the size and amount of files - this will take some time.

In the below example - there was imported an image that does not match a Style Number - because of this an error log has been produced.

The log will always show on which date the import took place.

Who did the Import.

How many files were uploaded from the total of attempted uploaded files.

For each upload error, the file name will be listed and a reason for the error.

Now the style in question (2019-08-16A) will look like this - with its newly imported Style Header image

Rules for upload

  • A single file can NOT be bigger than 1GB - this will result in the upload not taking place
  • Are there several styles with the same Style Number - they will all get the same Style Header image uploaded
  • Are there several files with the same name - then the one uploaded last will be the one getting saved
  • The import will overwrite what ever Style header image that was already there
  • Only files with the allowed file extension will be uploaded. Allowed file types: 
    • .png
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .gif


Make sure you have a strict structure of the files you want to upload - otherwise you will end up making mistakes.

DO NOT have multiple files with the same name - this will confuse you on what file will actually be uploaded - this will NOT make the upload fail.