Sometimes you end up with a lot of Commented or Cancelled Sample Requests and it will clutter your overview.

You can choose to Archive these.

Mouse over on any of these Sample Request and click on the Archive icon:

Now your Sample Request will get an "Archived" banner on - so it's easy for you to see it.

On top of this, you can choose to Hide those Sample Requests that are Archived.

Just click on the Hide button.

Click on the button again to get the Archived Sample Requests displayed again.

The supplier will also have the possibility to Hide/Show the Archived Sample Request.

However, the Archived Sample Request will no longer be a part of the style export.

And last but not least you can always un-archive any Archived Sample Request. You just click on the Un-Archived Icon.


If you have a lot of Planned and Cancelled Sample Requests that you realize you will never take further in the process - it is possible to delete these.

This will help keep your selection of Sample Requests neat and tidy.

Delogue PLM strongly advises that you do this.

Move your mouse/cursor over the Sample Card - that is Planned or Cancelled state.

Click on the Delete button and confirm the deletion of the Sample Request.

You have to notice that once a Sample Request is deleted - it is completely removed - so be absolutely sure you want to delete it before you click that delete button.