Once you have created your Custom Report - you can export it to Excel.

You do this by clicking on the excel icon in the top right corner.

Now you get the choice of exporting on 3 levels:

  1. The Style is printing one line per style only
  2. The style/color is printing the same style multiple times - one per color
  3. The style/color/size is printing all the variants - the combinations of color and size in different lines. Here you can select to include SKU/Barcodes in the export.

It is important to notice that Future Price can only be included in the Excel export.

In the Excel pop-up select "Overwrite with Future Price"

Now select a date where you want to see Future Prices.

The generated Excel file will include Future Prices for dates that are before the selected date you typed in.

This feature can be used on all 3 export options.

It's important to notice that the Color Group can be included in the Excel export and the CSV export.


  • If the excel file is small - it will be downloaded directly to your desktop
  • If the excel file somewhat bigger and therefore will take a longer time to download - you will get the option download directly to your desktop or get the excel file in an email
  • If you choose the third option "Style/Color/Size" the excel file is very big - you will get the file in an email


You can also export your Custom Report to CSV format - if you need that instead.

Just click on the CSV export icon right next to the Excel export button.

Your CSV file will be downloaded directly to your computer.