Manually export files is a tedious task, especially when done every day. To make it easier, we have built an automated export process. This means that Delogue PLM will export daily, the newer version of your files on the client's FTP location.


1) To start with, the company needs to have access to the Schedule export module. 

2) The User needs to have the Integrator role.

3) The User will now be able to mark styles as 'Ready for export' by enabling this option in the style or item header.

2) In the Admin section, under the option 'Export', you can also enable the 'Ready to export' option. The system will then export the styles/items from Delogue PLM to your own FTP server as XML files with the settings stored in the admin section. The same process is then invoked in a daily routine interval.


After process #1, it's time to set up an FTP service to daily export your product data from Delogue PLM.

NOTE: For this process, you will need the following data: FTP URL (e.g. ftp://example.com:[portno]/path), credentials (username & password), the limit of styles or items per file, and UTC time to export on FTP server.

1) In the Admin section, under the option 'Export', click the 'Add/update Style service details' button.

2) In the pop-up window, type in the information required and click save to finish.

Notice that if you need the export to run several times per day - you can set the intervals in "Recurring every 'X' hour"

Here you can choose between intervals of 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12.

Where '0' means that you do not want a recurring export event.