With this module, you to set certain default values on your styles - for example, taxes values depending on different suppliers or countries. In this way, you will always have the correct values and the calculation is made automatically in a matrix.


In the Admin section, under 'Prices', a new tab has been added named 'Templates'. A user with the price role and with access to the price module and advanced default values module will be able to see the templates tab.

In the Advanced default values header, you will find the 'Add template' button. When clicking on it, a pop-up will appear and show a list of active data sources.

Here you can select multiple data sources:

  • Supplier: Style Suppliers only (includes suppliers that are both Style and Item Suppliers)
  • Supplier country
  • Category: Only style categories
  • Group
  • Brand
  • Terms of Delivery
  • Custom Fields: Allowed values only - NOT Multiple allowed values


Step 1: To create a template, you will first need to select at least one data source from the list above. You are able to reorder the sources as you like.

Step 2: A list of price calculation parameters is displayed. Here you can select one or multiple parameters.

NOTE: When you have several templates, the parameters already in use cannot be selected.

Step 3: A matrix is created based on your selected data and parameters. The first matrix columns are the data sources - they will appear in the same order as you have saved them in step 1.

When opening the matrix for the first time, all parameters fields are empty and editable. Simply enter the values using decimal points.


Tab key: Move to the next cell in the matrix.

Shift+Tab: Move to the previous cell.

Up/down arrows: Move up and down in the matrix rows.


To edit a template:

1) Mouseover on the template name

2) Click the edit blue icon and the template will open the calculation parameters. Here, you can choose to check or uncheck parameters. NOTE: The ones in use in the edited template already have a check-mark.

3) Click “NEXT” to save your changes

Your matrix is now editable, allowing you to edit default values by simply mouse over the matrix rows and columns.


- Use only numeric values when editing your default values.  

- Your changes won’t affect prices on the Styles tab.

- You can easily update your template. However, each template must have a unique name and type.

- All changes in a template are saved once you click ‘DONE’.

- To delete a template, click on the delete icon - it appears when mouse over the listed template. NOTE: A warning message is displayed to certify your action.

- Price calculation already used in another template can not be used again.


When you are entering data on a template and by chance, you click ‘CANCEL’, the template and its data won’t be saved.


The system will show messages and warnings in specific situations, where you have to confirm your actions.

Here are a couple of examples:

If you wish to change your data sources selection, the following message will appear: “You are about to change the selection of your data sources, this will cause any entered data to be deleted. This can not be undone.” By clicking “OK”, the selection is changed and all entered data is deleted.

The same will happen when you try to reorder your data sources. The system will ask you if you are absolutely sure about this action.

When you un-check certain calculation parameters, this message will appear: “Removing this parameter will delete all entered data in your Template. Are you absolutely sure you want to delete it?”. By clicking “OK”, the parameter is unchecked and the column for that calculation parameter is removed from the matrix.