Once your company has acquired the File Server add-on module, it will need to be installed. Click on the button below for a complete technical guidance regarding the installation.


Download file

System Configuration

The Delogue Synchronization service operates on windows operating system having .net Framework 4.5 is installed. It is compatible with Windows OS having .Net framework 4.5 or above. The application requires a connection to the Internet in order to update file to Amazon S3. Updated files on Amazon S3 can be seen using popup displayed on click of “Link Files” button in Delogue PLM Style Files tab or style header.having .Net framework 4.5 or above. 

After installation, “Delogue Synchronization Service” can be used immediately without any further configuration if there are not more than 50 files in the synchronized folder. Otherwise, the user needs to wait for 2 hours for first-time synchronization up. It is highly recommended that the system should have better hardware configuration and internet connectivity. The following are the points for hardware configuration which can be considered for better performance.


It is always recommended to wait 2 hours after the installation to get the synchronization folder synchronized with Amazon S3 for the first time. Later, the user doesn't need to wait for synchronization.


If any file is not uploaded due to any exception, try to upload that file again after 10-15 mins.


The following are the points for hardware configuration which can be considered for better performance.

  • C drive must have more than 5 GB free spaces
  • RAM should be at least 4 GB
  • Windows 7 and above is recommended with 64-bit operating system.


There are quite a few steps involved in the installation process - they are listed below.

If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you.

STEP 1: Navigate to  Admin Tab > General Settings > File Synchronization

STEP 2: Click on link 'Download Synchronization Setup'

STEP 3: Open downloaded folder which will be a zip file

STEP 4: Extract Zip. Once extracted, there will be two files at the extracted location (DelogueFileSyncServiceSetup.exe and FileSyncServiceData.txt)

STEP 5: Click on Setup file (DelogueFileSyncServiceSetup.exe)

STEP 6: Provide administrator credential if user doesn't have admin rights

STEP 7: While installation, please provide configuration file (FileSyncServiceData.txt from extracted folder)

STEP 8: Select the folder name which needs to be synchronized with Amazon S3

STEP 9: Finish the installation

STEP 10: Check, if service is installed and started automatically (Type  Services.msc in the search window, it will display installed services. Check for “Deloguesyncservice” if it is installed or not)

STEP 11: If services is not started and there is an option to start service, then start the service manually

STEP 12: In case if still service is not started, please go to installation path  (C:\Program Files\Delogue\FileSynchronizationService), Open “ErrorLog.Txt” and check for error, if this file is created


1) Scheduled synchronization

Service will run scheduled synchronization on every 5 minutes to synchronize all the content. Any changes made when scheduled synchronization is running will be synchronized on the next schedule synchronization. 5 minutes timer for scheduled synchronization will start after the service completes syncing all current changes made.

2) Close files when done editing

Always close the file after editing, otherwise, it might not be updated in Amazon s3.

3) Special characters in the file name

Files that should be synchronized should not contain special characters in the file name. The following characters will be changed to “_” in Delogue PLM: “&”, “%”, “#”, “<”, “>”, “\”, “?”, “/”, “ “

4) How Delogue File sync will treat a filename

Example 1.png as the same as Example_1.png” because “ “ will be replaced with “_”