The Item Report is an add-on module where you and your suppliers can get a complete overview of all your items. Choose how the report should be exported and an email will be sent to you with the excel sheet of the item report.


Once you have access to this module, the Item report tab will be visible in the Report section:

1) Click on it and a screen with different filters will appear. 

Start by selecting the type of report you need

  • The Item is printing one line per Item only
  • The item/color is printing the same item multiple times - one per color
  • The item/color/size is printing all the variants - the combinations of color and size in different lines. 

Then select the information you want to export using the drop-down menus on each filter.

2) As you pick the different options, they will appear next to the respective field so you know what you have selected. You can choose multiple filters at once and you can also delete them if necessary.

3) When you are done, simply click the export button and we will send you an email with the excel sheet of the item report. Please notice that the email will be sent to the email you are logged into Delogue PLM with.