Working with the Workflow requires the following steps:

1) Create workflows and their tasks in the Admin section (*mandatory)

2) Add Workflow to specific Styles (*mandatory)

3) Get an overview of all pending Tasks on the Dashboard (optional but really helpful)

Here we will go through what the Admin has to set up so that the company can use Workflows and Tasks:

CREATING workflows

This part can only be done by an admin user.

In the Admin section, choose Workflow from the left side menu. This is where you set up all the workflow and tasks planned by your company/team.

When creating workflows and tasks, think of them as templates.

It's a good idea to specify each task and write common terms that you and your team members will easily understand. For example, in this case, we named our two workflows as 'Production' and 'Development'.

To start creating your workflows:

1) Click the 'Add Workflow' button on the right side of the screen

2) Name your workflow and add color to it for a more visual overview. When you're done, click the small green save icon to save your workflow.

That's it! The new workflow will then appear at the top of the list. You can adjust the order of this list by simply drag and drop the workflows.


After creating a workflow, it is time to add tasks to it. 
You can create as many tasks as needed in a single workflow, according to your company's needs.

To create a task:

1) Start by selecting the workflow you want to add a task to and click the 'Add Task' button

2) In the pop-up window:

  • Give your task a name
  • Set a deadline for this task to be done. NOTE: This is not the final date - it's simply a number of days before any given deadline. The system will - once you have added a Workflow and its Tasks to a Style - automatically calculate the correct date.
  • Assign the task - you can set it to 'None' if you don't know the person in charge
  • Click OK to finish


You can always edit your workflows and tasks.
If for instance, you need to change a workflow or task name, simply mouse over on the name or double-click on it. When in edit mode, type in the new name and click the green small icon to save your changes.

For tasks, it is possible to edit everything - a pop-up will appear where you can change the name, the number of days before the deadline, and who it should be assigned to.


Once tasks are added to a workflow, you can make a filter for each column - so you change the order of the list of tasks.

1) Mouse over a column name and click on the menu icon

2) Make the filter by selecting data from a list or typing in data. Click on the apply button

Delete Workflows AND TASKS

When deleting a workflow, all its tasks in the Admin section will be removed and the workflow will also get deleted from the Style that has been added to. However, the tasks of the workflow will remain.

When deleting a task, it will be removed from the workflow in the Admin section. But, it will still be on all the style where you added the workflow.

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