In the following, we will introduce some of the key points in Delogue PLM
  1. Styles Overview
  2. Styles files
  3. Communication
  4. Dashboard - overview your Sample Requests
  5. Book an introduction


In Delogue PLM, you will see a list of styles/projects from your customers which you are the supplier of. When you click on any style/project, you will see all the information regarding this project on the right side of the screen.


In style files, you will find all the files which your customer has uploaded to the style. You can click on it to open in another tab, but you can also choose to download it.

Read more about it here: Print Style Files

Whenever you need to send a message to your customer, select the project and go to the Communication tab.

Here, you can create messages by clicking the 'New message' button. Choose to notify someone in your message if you need someone from your customer to receive an email about it.

Read more about it here: Communication

Dashboard AND sample request OVERVIEW 

In Dashboard, under the Sample request tab, you have an overview of all the projects you are the contact person and all the sample requests your customer has made.

It is very important that you confirm if you are able to deliver the sample within the deadline requested. IF NOT, make sure to go to Communication and write a message to them. It is crucial that they are informed about any delay or change.

See how to enter and use the Dashboard section here: Dashboard


If you have any questions on how to use Delogue PLM, feel free to contact us and book an introduction here. Or explore more help texts here.