Like in the Styles section, you will also see the 'Prices' sub-tab in the Items section.

Single or differentiated prices

You can choose to see your items by single or differentiated prices.

To see prices per size and color, simply check-mark the box 'Differentiate price per size/color' on the right side. A matrix will appear with the sizes and colors you have created for that given item.

If the item does not have several sizes and colors, it is not possible to choose to see the different prices per color/size.


The item currency is defined by the selected supplier. Item prices can only be added when there is set a currency for the supplier in the Admin section.

Include in style calculation by default

You can select if the item price per default should be included in the costing.

NOTE: You can change this individually in each of the styles.


The last price change will appear under the price tab. All price changes will appear in the 'Communication' tab, under 'Log changes'.

Approval of price

As a company user with access to prices, you will be able to approve prices - Your approval will appear in the log.

Supplier access

You can decide to give your supplier access to fill in prices. Simply click on the lock icon to activate access and to close it again.

If the supplier changes prices after approval, then the status will automatically change to 'Not approved'.

Add item costs to the price calculation

You will be able to add item costs to your price calculation. In the Admin section, under 'Prices', add a new calculation line, name it, and select the type 'Item price' from the drop-down menu.

The new field will then appear in the Style section, in the Prices subtab.


You can see the item price field added to the style price.

In the 'Prices' sub-tab, click on the style size price to see specifications of the item cost. The price will be underlined on mouseover so you can easily see that it's a link.

In the pop-up window, the item is, per default, included in the costing based on the items settings. You can disable this option by clicking on the checkboxes.