We've gathered the most asked questions regarding the Dashboard section.

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1) Why can I not see all the needed sample requests in my dashboard?

In all the styles where you are the contact person, you will automatically see the sample requests in the Dashboard. For Styles, you need to follow, click on the heart icon on the style and the sample requests will appear in Dashboard.

In the "Who" drop-down list you can select which contact person's Sample Request you need to see. You can also select All.

2) Does the supplier see all the needed sample requests?

Your supplier sees all the sample requests for styles they are in charge.

3) Why does the style not show in Dashboard?

Only when a style is published, it will appear in Dashboard.

4) I have set a sample request to received by a mistake. can I undo it?

Click on the link to style and open the sample request. Change state to "Requested". A pop-up message will appear for you to notice that all comments on the received state will be deleted if the state is changed to requested.