This module allows you to communicate and follow up on purchase orders with your suppliers. You can also upload order certificates and documents regarding your orders.

This module does not replace your ERP and Inventory Management tools - it is an add-on to your existing tools.

Create and collect purchase orders

You can easily have an overview of all your orders and search by number, reference, or brand. Additionally, your supplier gets access to the purchase order when the order is published.

Communicate about your purchase orders

You can have all the communication with your supplier(s) in the communication tab of a specific order. This way, you will never be in doubt of where to find a certain agreement or communication. 

You are also able to see the log changes, so it is simple to follow when or where something has changed in the order.

Simply use the 'New message' button to write to your supplier(s) regarding an order.


No more files to be sent back and forth in your mailbox, or certificates of origin, packing lists, etc uploaded on dropbox or on your computer. 

You can simply upload all the files regarding a specific order, in the Files tab.

Make folders that are named in your terms so it is easy for you and your supplier to find the documents.

NOTE: All files which are uploaded in Communication will be shown in the Communication folder.

Integrate with your ERP system

The Order module works as a stand-alone where you can upload orders by yourself. As an alternative, it can also be integrated with your ERP system and the order generated in the ERP will be sent to Delogue PLM.