When commenting a sample, make sure that the status is set as 'Received'. The supplier won't be able to see your comments until the sample status is changed to 'Commented'.

NOTE: Measurement tab will only appear if a measurement chart has been created.

Likewise, the Item placement tab will only appear if an item list has been made.


1) Double click on the sample request to open it

2) Fill in your sample measures - if the measure is out of tolerance, the number in the 'Comp. measure' column will turn red

3) If you need to change a specific measure, use the 'Wanted measure' column. The measurement chart will automatically be updated with the new wanted measure and the gradings will be kept

4) Add your measurement comments and upload photos (this is optional) by clicking the 'Add visual comments' button or use the drag and drop functionality.

5) Click the 'Show measurement chart' button at the bottom to edit your measurement chart based on the received sample - the updated measurement chart will be your new requested measurements

6) In the Design, Finish and Item placement tabs, add your comments and photos - if needed. For 'Item placement', your supplier can also mark if the item is available or missing.

7) Once you are done, simply change the sample status to 'Commented' and click 'Update' to save.

Save comment drafts on received state

Save your comments as a draft by leaving the sample request set as 'Received' and simply clicking 'Update'. A dotted border will be displayed in all drafts so you can easily distinguish them from actual comments.

NOTE: The comments will not be visible to your supplier.

You can also delete a comment at this state - simply click the delete icon in the top right corner of the comment box.

Supplier comments and past comments

You will be able to see your supplier(s) comments as you scroll down the comments thread. Past sample history of a specific style will also be displayed.