The item is used to create the components of a style. You can start sourcing for items before you know which design your styles will have.

However, before you start creating items, make sure to adjust the needed Admin settings:

  • Create a Brand (is mandatory)
  • Create a Supplier (can be selected later on in the process but will be needed if you work with Item Prices)


1) Click the 'Add Item' button in the upper right corner of the page

2) In the new item header, you will see several fields to select. Start by choosing the brand - if only one brand is added, it will be pre-selected. 

Default the User creating the Item will be set at Contact person - this can, of course, be changed.

Go ahead and type in the item name (this is mandatory) and item no. (which is optional). Later on, you can select the supplier, as well as the supplier contact person (list of active supplier users from this supplier). Description and Categories fields are optional.

Lastly, upload the style image (right side) - it can be a .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp.

3) Click the small green icon to save your first item. Now, you are ready to refine the item specifications.


You can always take a copy of an Item and create a new Item that way.

Simply click on the "Copy" icon

Select the Item brand and name your new Item.

Decide what you want to copy from the original Item.

Once satisfied - click on "OK" and your new Item will be created.

You have the option to "Keep name" or "Keep number"

Remember you can not have two Items with the same name and the same Supplier

The Prices option will only be visible if your company works with prices and the user making the copy have the Price Role.


When you make a copy of any Item you decide on some settings.

The next time you make a new copy these exact same settings will be remembered, so you do not have to set the same checkmarks all over again.

You can of course at any time - change the checkmarks and get just the Copy you need.


You can leave the Supplier blank if you want to use the item as a standard for all suppliers. 

Suppliers can only see items in the item library, where they are selected as the supplier. 

Otherwise, they will not see any link to the item in the style item list.

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