Once you have published a style, you can start requesting samples. You have planned requests as long as the style is unpublished. After publishing the style, you can change the sample to be requested.

If you want to advise your supplier on future samples, set these samples to 'Planned' and request them once the previous sample is approved. For example, if you want to advise suppliers about sales samples, but need to see the proto sample for approval before he can proceed with sales samples.

Before making sample requestS

1) Make sure that sample types are created in the Admin section

2) Make sure that the size range is selected on the Measurement chart

3) If you want to request a specific color, make sure the style color is added in the Item list

You can create Sample Request in two ways - or even combine the two methods:


In Styles, under the Sample Request sub-tab:

1) Click the 'Add new sample request' thumbnail

2) In the pop-up window, start by selecting the sample type and choosing the deadline for the sample to be sent  (if you have added milestones when creating Seasons in Admin, the deadline for the given sample will appear here). 

Leave the ETD field blank - the supplier will fill it out when he/she expects to send the sample. 

You can also write a comment/note and attach files to your request (optional)

3) Use the table to add the quantity per size and color you want to request. Mouse hover on each size - or double click - and click the edit icon to add the values. The 'Available' columns allows you to request an available color and/ or size.

4) Once you're done, click the 'Send sample request' button at the bottom of the pop-up window

5) To complete the process, select who should be notified by email about this request - the supplier contact person is selected per default but can be removed.


You can change your quantity directly on the sample cards in all states except 'commented'. 

Just click on the grey box.

Then you will get a popup where you can edit the quantity - it is only Designers that can edit the quantity. 

Suppliers can open the pop-up to read the quantities.

Click on the pencil icon and you (as a Designer) can edit the quantities.

Once you have typed in your needed values - click on "OK" and your values will be saved and will now be displayed on your Sample Request pop-up and on your Sample card.


Instead of creating all your Sample Requests, you can choose to import them from another style.

On the Sample Request sub-tab just click on the Import button

This will open an import pop-up where you can search for the Style you want to import your Sample Requests from.

Once you have found the correct Style you will see the basic Style Data and it's Sample Requests.

Here you simply click on Import and all the Sample Requests - except those that are in Cancelled state - will be imported. 

But they will be imported in Planned state.

  • They will keep the deadline - if they had one.
  • They will keep the same Sample Type
  • They will have quantities if quantities are in the same size range and same colors
  • They will have quantities if there are quantities in Available - with the same Size Range and same Color.
  • They will have no quantity if Size Range is different between the style they were imported from and the one they are imported into.
  • They will have no quantities if Size Range is the same but different colors between the style they were imported from and the one they are imported into.

You can choose to import Sample Request from many different Styles - if you need that. They will always be added to those Sample Requests that are already on the Style you import into.

It is not possible to import Sample Request on a Style that is in Work In Progress state.


With the Import feature, it is also possible to add a Note during the Import of your Sample Requests - this is a small text field on the Import pop-up.

Once you have clicked on Import - the Note will be visible on the Sample Request cards.

The Note can be edited from the Sample Request pop-up.

The supplier will be able to read this Note.


When you are importing your Sample Request you have the option to let the system calculate the deadlines of the imported Sample Requests. It will calculate relatively to the deadlines that are on the Sample Request you import from.

You can decide if you want to calculate the starting date or the ending date.

Just select the one you need.

Now you select a date - use the calendar picker or type in the date.

Once you click on Import - all the imported Sample Requests will have their deadlines calculated