When you first create a style, it will be, per default, set as 'Unpublished'. This means that is only an internal draft, and your supplier will not see the style. Once you are ready, you can change the state to 'Published' and share the style information with your supplier(s).

Let's imagine you have added a new style and you want to set the state to 'Published'.

1)  Start by looking at the style header where you will find the field 'State'

2) Mouseover the header and click the edit icon. When in edit mode, select 'published' using the drop-down menu. NOTE: It's necessary to select the supplier contact person before publishing a style. If no supplier selected, the system will display a warning message and both fields will turn red.


3) Click the small green icon to save 


- After publishing a style, you can cancel it and your supplier(s) will still have access to the style and see that it is canceled - you can always switch it back to 'Published' again.

- Once the style has been delivered, change the status to 'Delivered'. The style will be archived and will no longer appear in your style list. However, you will be able to find all old styles using the Filter button and selecting the field 'States'.

- When making these changes to a style, you can choose to notify users by email about the state update.