Before you start creating your styles, make sure you have set up the needed admin settings:

NOTE: Brand and season are mandatory to create a style. The Supplier can be selected later, and group and style categories are optional.


In the Styles section:

1) Click the 'Add style' button in the upper right corner

2) In the new style header, you will see several fields to select. Start by choosing the brand - if only one brand added, it will be pre-selected - and the contact person for the style. By default the User creating the Style will be set as the Contact Person - this can, of course, be changed.

Go ahead and type in the style name (which is mandatory) and style no. (that is optional). 

NOTE: It is possible to set up an option to automatically generate style numbers - see how to do it here.

Later on, you can select the supplier, as well as the supplier contact person (list of active supplier users from this supplier), season/project and group (optional). Description and Categories fields are optional. Lastly, upload the style image (right side) - it can be a .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, .bmp.

3) When you are done, click the small green icon in the style header to save your new style


- The primary option is, per default, set to "Yes". This field is used to manage integration with ERP where the same style is made with multiple suppliers.

- Once you have created your first style, you can start refining the style specifications, publish it to your supplier and start asking for samples.