Having a season is mandatory when creating a style. In the Admin section, under the option 'Seasons', you will be able to overview existing seasons and add new ones.

  1. Create season
  2. Deactivate season
  3. Setup milestones
  4. Integration to ERP

Create season

1) Click the 'Add season' button and a new row will be added to the table

2) In the new table row, type in the ID, season name and/or project - the Season name is mandatory

You can also define a project (optional) and the milestone dates of the sampling process. These dates will guide you, once you are making style sample request in the given season.

3) Click the small green button to save

Setup milestones

The milestones are really handy to manage your deadlines at the sample request.

You define a milestone per sample type / season.

When creating a sample request for this given sample type and season, the milestone date added will be suggested at the style sample request.

You can at anytime overwrite the deadline on a specific sample request, if you want to add some more buffer or if plans changed.

Deactivate season

You can deactivate seasons if they should no longer be selectable for new styles. Likewise, you can deactivate sample types for specific seasons.

Simply uncheck the option 'Active' on a specific season and/or sample type.

Integration to ERP

If you are going to make integration with an ERP provider, make sure that the seasons have the same structure as in the ERP system.